Friday, 21 September 2012

The Great Outdoors - Interview with Alison Mure

1. Tell us about your practice as an artist.

I work with many materials and would consider myself a craft cum applied artist. My favoured disciplines are textiles and ceramics. For this show I am working with slip casting for the first time. I have a new found respect for this process, which has challenged my patience, but kept me excited at every stage.

2.What is your work for 'The Great Outdoors' inspired by?

Ping Pong! Ping pong tables seem to have descended from the sky and graced public spaces all over the country this year. I first discovered them in Leicester Square. People from all over the world shunned the expensive cinemas in favour of some healthy small bat based competition. My favourite player so far has been an elderly lady at Victoria Embankment. She appeared, put her bag down, played her game, picked up her bag and left, all in total silence. It is a game that doesn’t need words, there are rules and silent understanding. It seems a great way of using the outdoors to me, get people enjoying each others skills and communicating without words if that's how they like it.

3. Have you got a particular memory of your experience of the great outdoors that you would like to share?

Hunting outlaws in Sherwood Forest. When we were kids we were allowed to run wild around the forest chasing down Friar Tuck. These days I think they’ve cornered it off to a safe and visible fenced area. Sadly much less Lords of the Flies like.

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