Friday, 5 October 2012

The Great Outdoors - Interview with Anna Lincoln

1. Tell us about your practice as an artist

I am a designer and printmaker. My work predominantly explores urban landscapes and point of view; I have a strong interest in how individuals respond to histories and experiences embedded in their built environment. I’m interested in creating sets and original systems of visual language, processes which lend themselves to narrative. Much of my work is screen printed and I aim to use interesting materials such as wood or concrete, which give more unpredictable and textured results. Recent inspirations informing my practice have included information design and graphic icons, leading to images that reduce our surroundings to simple shapes and line works.

2. What is your work for 'The Great Outdoors' inspired by?

I have lately been experimenting with ceramics, a transitional activity that has inadvertently influenced my work process for this project. I have found myself concentrating on the silhouettes of objects and on how considerations of negative space can affect one’s assessment of an object, mentally reducing its form to a single plane. I aim to capture how this experience might affect the perception of moving through space in The Great Outdoors.

3. Have you got a particular memory of your experience of the great outdoors that you would like to share?

As a child I fell into a muddy ditch, churned up into great channels by tractor tyres. The suction created by the mud was so great that it was really hard to get free. Terrifying!

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